9 Mistakes New Student Government Leaders Make

When it comes to starting a new year, we’re all full of excitement and energy to get our new ideas into action. This energy is a powerful driving force, and we want to point it in the right direction! But there are several common mistakes that new leaders make when getting projects or new roles started. Not only…

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Best of the Blog

Best of the Blog

Check out these great articles to help you get started with the fresh new school year! If You Do 1 Thing While Planning Make your plans measurable and achievable! Find out why and how to incorporate this key element… Building a Community of Student Leaders The beginning of the school year is a fun and exciting…

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Student Government Bootcamp

Project Planning Essentials – Online Course

Have you ever waited until the last minute to plan out an event, then have to get everything done at once? Felt panicked or stressed trying to put together a new project? Forgotten a critical step or had a program delayed by missing an important step? Then this is the right training for you!   We’re…

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How do you Build a Great Team?

Anyone can be a great team member with the right structure and training. As a leader, you should be aware of how to support and foster your team members’ skills and experience. Volunteers can be an effective and productive addition to your event or program and the following will help point you in the right…

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If You Do 1 Thing While Planning…

The most basic elements of creating a successful plan is to make the goal measurable and achievable. If you’re only going to remember one thing, it should be this one! Want to boost school spirit? Great! Define some measurable parts of school spirit (hint: attendance at spirit events could be one). If you go with attendance, how many…

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FREE: Get the Essential Student E-Books for the next 5 days

I did just say free? (I did) We just published our Essential Student Government Guides e-books on Amazon Kindle. We wanted to share the book with you for free for the next five days so you can check it out, (hopefully) write a review, and share it with colleagues and students! We can only do…

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5 Ways to Regain Momentum

Has your student government fallen prey to that unusually sticky and tough to overcome situation known as losing momentum? Use these five tips to jump start a slow moving project or program in your student government and get out of the slump of putting it off! Small wins – Start with the smallest and most…

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Online Course – Leadership Development & Team Building for just $45 ($105 value)

We’re going to start offering some subject -specific courses to help get you and your students on track for success, especially as we’re shortly going to be ushering in new student leaders for next school year. The Leadership Development & Team Building course will cover the essentials of helping to build strong student leaders from…

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Building a Community of Student Leaders

One of the biggest challenges facing student leaders at this time of the year is creating new programs, initiative, and events. It is a fun and exciting time for new leaders and period of enthusiasm for new projects. We all want to see these exciting new plans succeed, and its important to help new student leaders be…

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Our Guide Hits Top 6% of All Books Sold on Amazon in August!

Amazing news! In August the Essential Student Leadership Guide hit the top 6% best selling books on! It is because of your dedication to building great student leadership programs at your schools and providing student leaders with the resources they need to succeed. It makes us very proud that we are providing a high…

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Looking for Great Guest Bloggers

We want to try something new this year and get more folks involved in the conversation about great student leadership tips and practices! That’s why we’re looking for a couple of great people, both student government leaders and advisors who want to share their experience and knowledge with others involved in student government. If you…

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Start off the School Year Right: 40% off all Guides!

The school year is starting in a matter of weeks (or days) all across the country and what better way to start off the new year fresh than with all the tools student leaders need to succeed in their new roles? Through September we’re offering our student leadership guides at 40% on our eStore to…

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